100 Toy Artists

Thank you all

Again many many thanks to the designer toy community for getting behind this website, we now have artists from many places all around the world and to reach 100 toy artists on this website so soon really means a great deal to us.

100 Toy Artists – why is it important?

It’s not important really, it just means that this website has credibility to the outside art world I suppose and it was a target I set when I thought this website should exist and a few friends pushed me gently into making this a reality.

Grow and share

Part of the plan for this website is to grow and share what we all love with people who don’t know about toy art and designer toys. Sometimes we live in a beautiful bubble full of wonderous things that the rest of the world just doesn’t know about.

That’s not always a bad thing, and I know some people want to protect that world which is completely understandable. Wouldn’t it be great though if more independent artists who are part of our world could sell more work and make a living doing what they do?

Where do we go from here?

We are now talking to manufacturers, suppliers, producers, distributors and retailers about how artists can get their work created, produce and sold. This had to happen now so that these individuals and companies also knew that we are in this for the long haul and this is not just a temporary fix.

Our own path

Having been part of the toy art world for around 10 years now we have managed to find our own path and know which paths we don’t need or want to be a part of,  many lessons about honesty and credibility have been learned and we want to share what we can with all of you.

Plans are in place now to add the content we always wanted to be here, but clearly we had to make our place in the designer toy world before we could do that – and that is where we are now. The designer toy world is all propped up by it’s beautiful community which relies on reputation and honesty, and we know we have to keep an eye on what we do to make this work.

Be a part of Toy Artists Net

Take a look at the link in the menu that says “Artists”. Click that and you can browse through the artists who have already been added. THIS IS JUST THE START and more artists will be added over time.

Additionally we will also start to add producers, manufactures, distributors and retailers very soon. Don’t forget you can also use the search function to find an artist as well, just click the magnifying glass at the top of the website.

We are open to submissions from everyone involved with Toy Art and Designer Toys, however we do reserve the right to curate submissions.

Toy Artists NET needs you

If you are an artist who thinks you would be a good fit for the Toy Artists NET then use the contact form and get in touch.
We will then send you a link to submit your information which we will add to the website as soon as we can.

Toy Artists NET will never have a social media presence, we want this website to be about the work not opinions – which is why we don’t have any commenting either. If you want to discuss a particular artists work then there are plenty of places to do that and you will find contact details for all the artists on their pages.