This is where the journey begins…

Welcome to Toy Artists NET – and thank you all so much for being patient, supporting me and encouraging me WAY more than I ever could have expected. This is the start of something we truly feel passionate about and can’t wait to see grow. We have listened and taken note and the website you see now represents the start of the journey which we want you to join us on.

Toy Artists NET is here to show the work of the artists – we have no plans to have a social media presence but you can contact the artists directly using the links on their individual pages.

Let’s get started – take a look at the link in the menu that says “Artists” – click that and you can browse through the artists which have already been added. Again let me say THIS IS JUST THE START and more artists will be added over time – every toy artist will get their opportunity to be part of this. We will also start to add producers, manufactures, distributors and retailers very soon – but the artists (as always) are first. Don’t forget you can also use the search function to find an artist as well – just click the magnifying glass at the top of the website,.

If you are an artist who thinks you would be a good fit for the Toy Artists NET then use the contact form and get in touch – we will then send you a link to submit your information which we will add to the website as soon as we can. Please take the time to read our Terms And Conditions HERE – and our Privacy Policy HERE.

Over the years we have been incredibly lucky and the toy community has allowed us to become part of what they do on many levels. Part of this means that artists, creators and manufacturers allow us access to parts of the process that maybe the public don’t get to see and probably don’t need to – this means that artists trust us and we are truly grateful for this trust and level of acceptance.

We also hear a lot of chatter out there about artists or customers who have been let down for one reason or another, and we thought why not merge a few ideas and only show virtual galleries of work for artists who are happy to be part of an accredited scheme of creative providers who will be approved by their body of work and their consistent professionalism.

We have been heavily involved with the world of designer toys and art toys for around 10 years now, and during that time we have got to know this world and the artists very well and after running our own website for a while some of the artists approached us with an idea for a special project – that project is The toy artists have asked for a central point which records their work and achievements without any ulterior motives and as a point of reference for future clients.

We want to grow – and we need your help to do that.

Our initial costs are fairly low and we are running the website on fairly basic shared hosting which will do the job to begin the journey. At some point soon we want to move to better hosting and use a CDN network to handle the increased workload on the server which graphics will create. It would be good to be able to dedicate time to the website to improve and add extra functionality as the website grows.

Buy Me A Coffee run an excellent service which allows us to collect donations on a one off or a regular basis, and if you are able to help we would be grateful and would be able to plan growth effectively.

Clicking HERE will take you to our Buy Me A Coffee page.