Do Designer Toy Blogs Make Money ?

Truth be told – most of the independent blogs out there who are promoting your work and generating interest and sales don’t make money. The people that run those blogs run them as a passion project and don’t do it to get rich. Although you may see a shop attached to the blog this is usually something which generates at best a contribution towards running costs of the blog and occasionally there is enough money for the blog owner to buy themselves a designer toy or two.

One of the other assumptions is that the people behind toy blogs have the best designer toy collection on the planet, this is so far from the truth unless the blog owners invest in their collection – there are very few freebies and literally every piece has to be worked for in one way or another.

I used to write for blogs and when I calculated over a year how much money I had made from the many hours invested in writing copy etc I had made a decent loss.

Designer toy blog owners love what they do.

Like you, the designer toy blog owners love what they do and there is a lot of passion in what they create. If they want to stand out then just posting the copy you email to them isn’t an option as that’s what everyone else will do so they have to spend time creating copy for you.

Quite often the images they received with your press release are not fit for purpose and they need to re-formatted or a request needs to be sent for images they can work with.

Many of the blog owners are working in English which isn’t their first language so they have to take the time to check whatever is written to make sure spelling and grammatical structure are correct on what could be at least one of multiple languages they use.

But the blog owners get loads of freebies right?

No no they REALLY don’t. When working with predominantly artists on their own or small independent companies the money just isn’t there to send “freebies” at all. What they do get regularly is promises of samples for review, or pieces sent as a thank you for helping the artists get their work out there – that regularly never arrive.

Dealing with independent artists is often much easier than dealing with larger companies, because even though with economies of scale on production costs larger companies rarely if ever reach out to independent reviewers and will actually waste reviewers time if they chase conversations started but never finished.

You sound really bitter

Really not at all, I have experience of writing for designer toys blogs and writing for myself and I feel nothing but pride and joy when I do it. People who know me well know that one thing I am is honest, not brutally as I am not interested in upsetting anyone or acting in an unprofessional manner. But I am honourable and I am loyal and will back anyone who asks for my help, as will the majority of the people who write the blogs that promote and encourage artists like you.

So what’s your point?

My point is this, there is no structure in place for a lot of the designer toy world and this is one of those areas where the professionalism you can see readily in the regular toy world just does not exist so the blog owners have to work on a mixture of trust and mutual respect.

The toy blog owners who have been doing this for a while really aren’t on the make. There will always be some in all worlds who are interested in self promotion, what they can get and what’s in it for them but they are fortunately very few and far between in the designer toy world.

If you are not sure which blogs to work with then ask other artists, they will tell you who to trust and who will represent you in the best light. Go and see which blogs have been around the longest, and ask yourself why they have been there so long.

The passion and commitment I see in the majority of designer toy blogs is incredible, and I see individuals giving their time freely. Missing out on precious time with their loved ones and on occasion genuinely making themselves unwell  delivering the best content they can.

So what can we do to help?

There are lots of small things you can do that will help.

Go to the designer toy blogs, read the articles, leave comments and repost the articles to your social media if you like what you read – none of this costs money and takes a little bit of your time.

The guys running these blogs are helping you because they truly want to, not because they have to.

Go show them a little love and support in the way they show you love and support, freely and without expectation.

Oh and the bigger companies who think it’s ok to ghost content creators who promote your product with a personal touch and experience you just can’t replicate with your intern – you know who you are – show these bloggers some respect and treat them like the professionals they are.

Spanky Stokes
Tenacious Ninja
The Toy Chronicle
The Toy Viking
Toys R Evil
Vinyl Pulse

If you know of any other blogs which we should be sharing with everyone then please let us know.
These blogs are run by busy people, so if you have a time sensitive
announcement give them plenty of time to post your information.

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