My name is Eugenio Torres. I’m a 46 years old musician, sound engineer, librarian and movie addict living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been an action figure collector for the last 34 years. I haven’t been a collector my whole life, officially I become one the day my parents took me to a family vacation to NY. In the darkest corner of a forgotten comic book store I found the Mospeada 21 Cyclone Bike by Gakken. In that moment I discovered admiration and respect for these figures,

I saw the beauty in a cultural aspect not all of us are able to see. At the same time the epic battle started (I think all collectors fight the same war): to open or not to open the box!!! Many years and a million toys later, as a grown man, I found the most beautiful, amazing and fun excuse to unbox and play with my figures. Since then I’ve been working, studying and practicing on how to develop a language, a style that allows me to visually capture action figures not only the way I see them, but also the way I imagine them.

Location: Argentina