Plan and make your promotion easier

Promoting yourself online starts with you – obvious but true. You have to make things clear and accept that the person you are sending your information to is someone who probably knows nothing about you or your work. Don’t worry about blowing your own trumpet, nobody else is going to do it for you and you might as well at least let people know you own a trumpet.

The thing about planning is that a plan will take away a lot of stress further down the line: there is nothing worse than scrabbling around for an image and information “that will do” – when with a little planning you can always be ready. Trust us when we say that people you are asking for help will know if you have made the effort or you have just sent whatever you can find, they do this 1000s of times and know when artists are committed and willing to help themselves.

Effective promotional text

Make your promotional text short and sweet – we all love artists, and you are truly fascinating but the people promoting you on their websites and their Instagram and Facebook feeds rarely have time to edit the copy you send them.

If you struggle with writing short but effective text about you and your work then admit that to yourself and get someone else involved. If you don’t have someone you know who can help you with editing your copy then reach out to someone in the toy art community and ask around for help, we are there if you ask us.

You are talking to strangers

Remember you want text that tells strangers a little about you, a little bit more about your work and most essential of all make sure all of your contact details are correct and up to date. When you send supporting pictures to companies to use with the text, make the images clean with plenty of space around the specific art you are trying to promote – this makes it easier for people to format and crop if they need your images to fit into a set space.

Promotional assets

Don’t think you have to send massively compressed images all the time, it’s so much easier to reduce an image to fit into a space than try to enlarge a tiny image which will probably pixelate and not show your work at it’s best – this is when using a service like Dropbox makes sense and is invaluable.

Create a folder using something like Dropbox and share that link with people you want to work with to promote your work. Update the contents of that Dropbox when things change, or when you need to update your current work. This is simple to set up and gives you a central place to easily keep things up to date.

Show a track record of work

Often people ask for promotion on the strength of one simple single cast toy they have created: this will never work and doesn’t put you in a good light unless you are already an internationally renowned artist who has established a new side-line. Spend some time creating a few pieces and learn as you create, and ask questions – we are part of a fantastic community who can be incredibly supportive and encouraging.

We are going to be talking to industry professionals from all areas of the designer toy world and will update this information and add more information to future posts. If you have any specific questions then please use the contact form to get in touch and if we can help then we will.

Blogs to contact who will help you with promotion

Spanky Stokes
Tenacious Ninja
The Toy Chronicle
The Toy Viking
Toys R Evil
Vinyl Pulse

If you know of any other blogs which we should be sharing with everyone then please let us know.
These blogs are run by busy people, so if you have a time sensitive
announcement give them plenty of time to post your information.

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