Update May 2021

Wearing our Toy Art U.K. cap this month, we have been working for a few months with Delicious Again Peter to create the first of many toy art ventures which has been an absolute delight to be part of.

Sleaford Mods

Both us and Delicious Again Peter are huge music fans so when we came up with the crazy idea of approaching Sleaford Mods to ask permission to create an art toy, it seemed to make sense for some reason. It was important to me that we got permission so I approached the management company and asked the question with the expectation of being knocked back pretty quickly. But they loved the idea and we started the process of creating the toys – the rest of the story will be published on Toy Art UK very soon and we will link to the details here.

Toy Art UK – September 4th 2021

Preparations are underway for Toy Art UK 2021 in Leeds, West Yorkshire. United Kingdom – you can get your tickets HERE and come and meet some of your favourite artists