Toy Artists Update

Hey everyone – so we thought after the first few months it might be a good idea to post an update for you all. So far we have added 80 toy artists to the website and we have around another 20 or so in the queue, so we will reach 100 toy artists very soon. As this is our first Toy Artists Update we are hoping you can take the time to read and respond, use the contact form to respond to this post or to let us know anything you want to tell us about this website.

Labour Of Love

From the very beginning we knew Toy Artists Net was going to be a labour of love, and this website has not disappointed in that respect. Every submission has been curated and we have had to not include some work, not because we don’t think it’s good enough – we just didn’t think it was a good fit alongside the other artists. There has also been a number of submissions where artists just posted a single line biography, or even worse attached terrible images of their work.

Help Us Help You

We see part of what we do as being there to help artists to show and promote the best of what you do, but if an artist can’t be bothered to write more than a single line or reply to our emails when we ask you for more information – that’s where things end. This might sound a bit brutal but we base this on the normal responses and levels of professionalism we get from the majority of artists, even artists whose first language isn’t English.

How Do I Sell My Toys?

The level of submissions and the continual contact and support from all areas of the worlds of toy art and designer toys has been truly humbling. Now we need to move things on and add content which we hope artists and visitors will find useful and compelling. We are contacting companies we feel could give insights into distribution, retail, manufacturing and production and bringing that information to you here.

Toy Artists NET is here to become a central point of reference for everyone who is interested, and to show the rest of the art world the levels of talent and ability contained in the world of designer toys and art toys. We have some truly world class toy artists listed on Toy Artists NET already and this can only get better over time.

Toy Artists Update – How Can I Help?

Simply put we need your input to tell us where to go next. We have plans in place that we think are right but we would love to hear from you if you have ideas we should hear. Use the contact form and get in touch, we value any feedback – good or bad.

Toy Art UK – September 4th 2021

Preparations are underway for Toy Art UK 2021 in Leeds, West Yorkshire. United Kingdom – you can get your tickets HERE and come and meet some of your favourite artists

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